Data powers everything we do

How your business could benefit​ from Resolver Data.

Resolver has handled over 7 million consumer complaint cases since its creation, giving it one of the largest data sets of issues that consumers are experiencing in nearly every sector for the sale of products and services in the UK.

Having access to this extensive data is an invaluable insight as to what consumers are experiencing with other companies in your sector.

Allowing you to see how they are performing, responding and where there are gaps for improvement and development - giving you the opportunity to make sure you avoid these issues and keep your business ahead of your competitors!

Having access to this data for your own business allows you to gain a greater understanding of what your customers want, the expectations they have when interacting with your business and a wider overview of how and when issues are arising.

Being able to see the trends and patterns of your customers can help your business to adapt and develop a strategic plan to prevent the issues happening again, or how best to handle the issue if the same or similar situation does unfortunately occur in the future.

Working from fact, not from hypothetical scenarios

Resolver Data provides businesses with a wealth of information and therefore great opportunity to forward plan in the most knowledgeable way possible. Having the data from over 200 sectors at your fingertips allows you to manage your business for a variety of potential outcomes, using real life troubleshooting experiences.

Allowing you to create and direct sales campaigns and procedures based on true incidents rather than on hypothetical scenarios, and creating a management system for your business that has been developed using facts and figures. Having Resolver Data ensures you have the knowledge and tools to meet your customers needs in the most efficient way possible for your business.

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