A Brief History

Since 2014 Resolver Group has been developing innovative digital platforms that create better outcomes from disputed situations for consumers, businesses and mediators alike. Our digital platforms and services offer consumers an easy route to complaint resolution and detailed insights for businesses to help transform their operations.



Founded in 2012, Resolver is developed by James Walker after he became frustrated while resolving an issue with a broken down boiler.


We launch our first website in May 2014 with a full launch to the market in September.


In 2015, we become the first third party to use the brand.


We see growing market-wide support with key ombudsmen, regulators and consumer organisations recommending Resolver and our user base grows to more than 600,000.


Resolver turns three years old with a 300% increase in cases created versus the previous year.


Our consumer traffic continues its rapid growth and reaches 3.2m cases helping two million individuals.


The acceleration of our work on data science projects helps us deliver actionable insights to businesses and regulators. By August is one of the most visited websites in the UK ranking in the top 500 globally. Resolver launches in India.

2020 reaches six million cases. We unveil the Resolver Recognised scheme to acknowledge those companies offering customer service excellence and launch Accord - our new ODR product - to the market.


What We've Achieved

Resolver has helped more than four million consumers raise issues with companies for free. Resolver's services are used by consumers living all across the UK. Resolver has met the AA standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user-friendly for everyone. Resolving Ltd has also been awarded ISO 27001 certification.

Resolver's platform empowers consumers to raise and resolve their issues with ease. We've helped raise more than seven million cases.

Resolver's services are helping companies improve their customer retention, build trust and reduce operational costs.

Resolver is the largest free consumer complaints website in the UK and is recognised by all key ombudsmen, regulators and leading consumer organisations. We are proud of what we've achieved so far and excited to be working on projects that make a positive impact for both consumers and businesses.