Resolver Data

Resolver Benchmarking Data empowers companies to understand their market, track their relative performance, and identify areas of relative weakness. Resolver does this by supercharging existing intelligence with the largest, in-depth, cross-sector complaints database in the UK.

With more than six million complaints about 6,000 companies, on 800 different issues from a variety of demographics, Resolver boasts the breadth and scope of data to provide optimal market visibility.

Access to Resolver’s complaints data

Resolver provides companies access to their company and five of their competitors data- updated daily.

The data contains 20 different dimensions and measures along with continuous customer sentiment tracking throughout the complaint journey.

Access to view the data through our software so you can build dashboards you can track over time and reports to focus on specific aspects of your business to benchmark.

Additional add-ons can include data on the volume and category of situational vulnerabilities; case-level data, Insight Reports and data from all organisations in your industry.


To access Resolver Data please get in touch at