Resolver Care+

Offering extra support
and prioritising for people
who need it most

How your business could benefit​ from Resolver Care+

Being able to confidently and effectively sort an issue as a consumer with a company can be a daunting and challenging task for anyone. However there are people who are more vulnerable and may have a more difficult time raising an issue and discussing this with a company than others. They may also feel uncomfortable explaining or sharing their requirements for additional help due to their personal challenges.

Who is a vulnerable consumer?

A vulnerable consumer may have challenges which may be due:
specific area of the business.

  • Finances
  • Disability or impairment
  • Short or long-term health care issues
  • Unfamiliar with certain technology or language
  • Are classed as being at a low resilience

Making a positive difference for consumers everywhere

At Resolver we’re committed to making a positive difference for consumers everywhere, regardless of their circumstances, and we understand that to do this we need to help and support our businesses to provide the same understanding and care.

People who need extra help and support often find the process of sorting out a problem a greater challenge. Vulnerable consumers may present a number of characteristics, and it is important to be able to recognise these and put in place positive procedures to provide the additional needs and requirements these consumers may have, without causing offence to the consumer.




Why this service is important

Resolver Care+ have been developed to aid businesses and organisations to appropriately identify consumers who fall into the more vulnerable categories, even when they do not specify their needs, and ensure their issues and complaints are dealt with efficiently and respectfully.

We work closely with your company to apply our Resolver Care+ software, and help businesses develop procedures to prioritise more vulnerable consumers and manage their problems and complaints quickly and definitively, whilst maintaining respect for the consumer at all times.

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