Starter Package (FREE)

Resolver Pro

Starter Package

Starter Package (FREE)

  • Claim your business profile
  • View complaints in one place
  • Respond via email
  • One company-wide view
  • Monthly snapshot data dashboard

Package Overview

The Resolver Pro Starter Packages is designed so that you can view all your complaints & feedback in one place. The Saas-based package allows you to monitor and review issues, and respond via email to protect your business' reputation & help support growth.

With Resolver Pro Starter you'll be able to get your own business profile page and receive a monthly dashboard with all your complaints and respond to your customers directly via email. The dashboard showcases your average performance and number of cases each month and allows you to see where in the process each complaint is so you can manage it effectively. 

It saves you time, is cost-effective and can help to deliver excellent customer service and build on business reputation.

Why use Resolver Pro?

Resolver Pro is built for businesses to provide an easy, quick platform to help you manage customer feedback and complaints.

  • Improves customer experience
  • Adds value to and protects your brand and enhances your business reputation
  • Cost-effective, flexible and scalable as you grow
  • Simple to use, Easy to set up
  • Turn complaints into new business


A range of packages to suit your business

Resolver Pro is built to provide solutions for every size of business. Whether you're a team of 1 - 250+, we have a package that'll suit you.

We recommend our Starter Package for sole traders, freelancers and smaller businesses, with scalable, flexible packages as your business grows - although anyone can use the Starter Package of course!

Resolver Pro has 4 levels to suit your business. Plus, we have additional feedback and marketing support packages to improve your online presence.


To find out how Resolver Pro can help you, email