Drives 30% increase in customer satisfaction

A platform enabling businesses to improve customer trust, increase customer retention and reduce costs.

Resolver for Business takes the data, insight and intelligence from a bespoke customer journey for each business to deliver an automated service that supports  organisations by increasing trust and reducing the costs typically associated with consumer complaints. It supports the retention of happy and loyal customers, leading to an increase in revenue.

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Resolver for Business Modules

Resolver for Business has five modules. Resolver Essentials is the starting package with four different optional packages to customise the system to best suit business requirements.

Resolver Essentials

Resolver Intelligence

Resolver Insight

Resolver Integration

Resolver Process Automation

Resolver Essentials

  • Categorisation

    The ability to refine user based categories of complaints to suit a business model and achieve more effective outcomes.

  • Customised Submission Form

    This enables the submission of complaints to best suit the business’ needs and to eliminate protracted and unnecessary correspondence.

  • Rights Guide

    Organisations are able to customise this for themselves through Resolver for Business.

  • Auto-Routing

    Customisable for businesses, this feature improves time management by enabling a route to effectively manage consumer expectations and prevent unnecessary follow-ups.

  • Embedded Widget

    Hosted on the organisation’s website, it improves the user journey and customer experience, and drives digital channel shift.

Resolver Intelligence

  • Intelligent Email

    Our innovative, intelligent email system adds real value to businesses by significantly reducing the admin and process functions associated with digital complaint assessments.

  • Key Word Extraction

    An intelligent automated key word assessment extrapolates the words deemed of high importance in relation to the complaint.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    An automated assessment of the consumer’s email will quickly highlight any vulnerability relating to health or financial issues.

  • Sentiment Indicator

    An automated assessment of the consumer’s email will quickly highlight the consumer’s sentiment - e.g. - angry.

  • Tone Indicator

    An automated assessment of the consumer’s email will quickly highlight the consumer’s tone - e.g. - sadness.

Resolver Insight

  • Management Information Benchmarking

    Performance related information based on data supported by periodical client success reviews to help advise on opportunities and improvements.

  • Insight Portal

    Online access to your real time complaints data that can help the business to better understand its audience and complaint patterns including demographics and their emotional journey through the resolution process.

  • Benchmarking

    Businesses are able to choose a select number of industry competitors (whom remain anonymous), as well as looking at the whole market and best in class organisations to measure and understand their benchmarking performance and industry.

Resolver Integration

  • CRM/CMS/API Integration

    Benefit from API integration enabling secure interfacing with CRM or CMS systems to remove the need for re-keying information and to filter emails by key field information.

  • Multiple Languages

    Enables the ability for consumers to submit cases using alternative languages.

  • Feedback

    An integrated channel to enable quick and simple feedback from the consumer, either named or anonymous.

Resolver Process Automation

  • Auto Classification

    An innovative auto-classification function improving the efficiency of complaint routing to the benefit of all users.

  • Recommended Resolution

    An innovative auto-assessment function recommending the best next step along the resolution journey.

  • Auto-Triage

    An automated feature to steer the issue towards the appropriate direction to effectively bring about the best outcome as efficiently as possible.

  • Auto-Resolution

    An automated feature to actively resolve issues where appropriate and applicable by triggering an automatic resolution to be offered to the customer based on the organisation’s policy.

  • Self-Solve

    An intelligent system that empowers the consumer with appropriate options pertaining to their case as the next step to resolution.

Industry Benchmarking

Compare your business across the industry to gain a better insight into how you measure up against the competition.

Demographic Insights

Gain detailed insights across a range of segmented data streams to provide clear indicators on performance and areas of concern.

Corporate Brochure

Download the Resolver for Business brochure to learn about the customisable modules which can help businesses better understand their customers and how this can lead to improved business intelligence, increased revenue and reduced costs.

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Ethics and GDPR

Resolver complies to a standard of ethics overseen by our Ethics committee. We do not sell any personal data of consumers nor confidential information of organisations we work with.

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