Analysing Data From More Than 100 Million Data Entries

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A platform providing detailed & aggregated market insights for better business intelligence

Reporter is a platform providing detailed & aggregated market insights to support better business intelligence. Ideal for a range of users who wish to better understand the data from entire markets to compare and benchmark.

Reporter metrics tools


Time Series

Keyword Search




  • Use Reporters Metrics tool to gauge a high-level view of the customer sphere in your business.
  • See the aggregate of key customer metrics including CSAT, NPS, Customer Effort and escalations.
  • Visualise the sentiment across the full scope of the customer journey as Resolvers own ‘Feeling’ metric measures feeling at each touchpoint
  • Compare and contrast new complaint data with existing sets gaining insights into geography, economics, and age.

Time Series

  • Read historical data of core metrics during any time period to view fluctuations in behaviour towards customers, match fluctuations to events to assist root cause analysis.
  • Compare multiple metrics by using graphic tool Time Series. Compare metrics including number of ADR escalations, Customer Effort, Resolution time, and NPS.
  • View effects of policy through by viewing behaviour and reporting before and after implementation.
  • Monitor unintended consequences by comparing one metric against any other, to establish correlation.

Keyword Search

  • Search Issue Keywords to identify the worst offenders, alternatively search positive combinations to see how the best performers
  • Searching internal events issue words helps to establish how pervasive an issue can be and which areas are most susceptible.
  • Search external event Keywords to visualise how market events can have widespread effects.
  • Search across any time period to identify root causes.


  • Investigate in depth the trends that are permeating customer service relationships.
  • Select sector, service and/or issue types to view biggest improvers in response time, Resolution time, or any other of 6 metrics. Or choose to see those who have fallen behind in the 6 core metrics.
  • Discover issues before they develop to a more serious level.
  • Slice data by a number of dimensions including demography, ADR, and Region.


  • Compare two selected groups against each other, and against sector and Resolver-wide.
  • Benchmark leading lights against trailing teams to measure potential for improvement.
  • View extensive demographic breakdown of sections of consumers who have raised complaints, as well as breakdown by region.
  • Compare 9 key metrics for selected groups, including escalation likelihood, CSAT, and Feeling at point of resolution.
  • Test new solutions, analyse through AB testing selections against each other.

Client Feedback

“Reporter’s data will help us to understand exactly where companies and sectors are performing well and where there’s room for improvement.”

Chris Wright,

Economic Adviser for Consumer & Competition Policy at BEIS

Big Data

Analysing Data from over 6.5 million Feedback Touchpoints and more than 100 million data entries.



  • Through examining external events and internal issues it becomes possible to identify business challenges and opportunities that have yet to be capitalised upon by businesses.
  • Identifification of trends in relation to the improvement or decline in business branches and specific areas of functionality. leading to strategic change and urgent actions.


  • Implementation of new actions and policies following the identification of issues across branches or within affected areas of the business.
  • Analysis will determine the most appropriate branches to conduct AB testing upon the agreed actions.


  • Visualise the changes in your customer's experience before and after the implementation date to measure improvements.
  • Compare business areas or stores via AB testing to discover how implemented solutions have affected performance.
  • Monitor the unintended consequences of implemented changes by using Time Series tool. This can test that changes haven’t inadvertently caused negative changes across other key customer metrics.

Ethics and GDPR

Resolver complies to a standard of ethics overseen by our Ethics committee. We do not sell any personal data of consumers nor confidential information of organisations we work with.

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