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What is Decider?

A collaborative decision-making platform for faster, more effective resolution outcomes

The Decider platform is suitable for Courts, Tribunals, ombudsmen and independent dispute-resolution organisations. The platform is focused on creating a continuous hearing rather than simply the traditional hearing-and-outcome process. This way, you increase engagement and trust in the decision process and the independence of the outcome.

The platform is configurable and adaptable to all key decision-making situations and takes Resolver’s principles and applies to appeals and decision-making. Decider has helped demonstrate that consumers desire online services with 96% of appeals choosing to use Decider rather than a paper- or phone-based submission system.


The system has been built as an independent platform that can be adapted to best suit an organisation’s processes.



Decider builds trust through open and transparent sharing 
of evidence.


Decider creates more effective communication between all parties through its online messaging system.



Decider reduces the complexity, lowers the cost and increases the convenience of dispute resolution - leading to better outcomes for all parties.

Multiple User Groups

Decider is a decision making platform for organisations to resolve disputes between two parties. Built on the principles of online dispute resolution, it helps deliver better outcomes for all. The platform is suitable for Courts, Tribunals, Ombudsman and independent decision makers.

Dispute Initiator

  • Create Case
  • Upload Evidence
  • Provide Hearing Availability
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • View Decision Online


  • Review Case
  • Upload Evidence
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • View Decision Online


  • Schedule Hearings
  • Allocate Adjudicators
  • Review Evidence
  • Send/Receive Messages

Dispute Handlers

  • Review Evidence
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • View Hearing Schedule
  • Issue Decision

Functions & Features

Guided Case Creation

Informs users of their rights as they create new cases – ensuring quality inputs on case creation. Structures the capture of information, ensuring relevant information is entered by the Dispute Initiator.

Respond to Cases

Allows the respondent to verify and add to case information. Structured process to capture the response to the case, including evidence submission (written, images, video, audio).

Manage Cases

Dashboards to organise workload across teams, ability to schedule hearings (telephone and face-to-face), capture case specific notes, discuss cases with messages. The system also enables support for fully offline case management.

Decide Cases

Customisable, complaint decision making – flexible, consistent decisions that follow best-practice approaches. Use of Google Documents to allow for feature-rich, fully-editable decisions.


Secure internal messaging available between all parties for improved communication flow.


Reporting at case level along with management information reporting with a visible audit trail to ensure traceability of actions and acceptance of outcome.



  • Collaborative decisions create better outcomes for everyone.
  • Improved communication through messaging functionality.
  • Accessible for all customers and businesses.
  • Transparency builds trust for better resolutions.


  • Decide cases faster and more effectively.
  • Ease of use in presenting and examining evidence.
  • A secure environment for your data.
  • Business continuity from the legacy system.


  • Decrease cost per case through digital transformation.
  • Operational cost savings (e.g. - decrease in postal costs)

Decider Brochure

Download the Decider brochure to read more about how it can provide fast, effective and fair resolution outcomes.

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