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Our services are unique and have been developed to help consumers improve the way they raise issues, to help businesses to become better at retaining their customers, to help improve the government to better understand and deliver the right regulations and to help improve entire markets through detailed, aggregated reporting tools.

Resolver for Business

Resolver for Business takes the data, insight and intelligence from a bespoke customer journey for each business to deliver an automated service that supports organisations by increasing trust and reducing the costs typically associated with consumer complaints. It supports the retention of happy and loyal customers, leading to an increase in revenue.



Decider is an online decision making platform for organisations to resolve disputes between two parties, serving as both an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform. Built on the principles of online dispute resolution, it helps deliver better outcomes for all. The platform is suitable for Courts, Tribunals, Ombudsman and independent decision makers.



Reporter is a platform providing detailed & aggregated market insights to support better business intelligence. Ideal for a range of users who wish to better understand the data from entire markets to compare and benchmark.



Helper is a soon to launch SaaS product that will help SMEs to improve their business reputation, enhance consumer trust and support the growth of better customer relationships.


Resolver for Consumers

Resolver is recommended by key ombudsman, regulators and consumer rights organisations. The service is free to the consumer – we do not sell an individual’s data and we do not display adverts.

Resolver makes it easy for consumers to explain their issues clearly to organisations, highlighting the best way to resolve the problem. This helps businesses understand customer issues and resolve them effectively, improving customer service overall.

We gather insights into consumer issues, benchmarking companies against competitors within their market and identifying key areas for improvement in customer satisfaction.

Resolver helps consumers and businesses to resolve issues. Our services are built to optimise the customer experience while improving outcomes for everyone.

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What Our Clients Say

"Reporter’s data will help us to understand exactly where companies and sectors are performing well and where there’s room for improvement."

Chris Wright

Economic Adviser for Consumer & Competition Policy at BEIS

"I’d recommend Resolver to any business that wants to build its customer trust and customer service."

Andy Eadle

Head of Customer Service, First Utility

"Our email complaints reduced by 43% … and we can do so much that we’ve never been able to do before. Now we are able to see everything."

Steven Cairns

Complaints Improvement & Policy Manager, Three Mobile

"Resolver has been an amazing partner, supporting us to deliver our award winning transformation objectives."

Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Caroline Sheppard OBE, Chief Adjudicator