Increase customer trust & improve compliance procedures

What value do we bring to Utility providers?

In spite of significant investment in Customer Experience, Utility companies have tended to struggle with public perception and reputation, with trust between providers and their customers a problem. Without trust, your brand will suffer from lower NPS and CSAT scores and a much higher propensity for customer churn (where applicable).

Inevitably, low sentiment in your brand and failure to understand the reasons for escalation can contribute towards a higher proportion of complaint cases escalating, leading to additional, unnecessary cost.

Resolver can help break this cycle by supporting you in identifying the core issues that severs trust between you and your customer, and where your competitors have the edge. Our escalation prediction technology set can identify, early on, cases that are likely to escalate to the Ombudsman, allowing time to resolve these cases and reduce escalation costs. Our analytic services can identify patterns and warning signs in your complaint profile and compare this across the market to help avoid escalation. Through vulnerability analysis and subsequent actionable insight, we can also help you to meet best practice in regulatory standards and compliance.

What can we help you achieve

  • Increase customer trust
  • Reduce Ombudsman escalation costs
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Improve compliance & regulatory processes

How do we do this?

Resolver’s services are completely unique across all markets, benefiting from analysis into over 100 million data entries. This allows us to extract genuine intelligence and actionable insight. Resolver Analytics is a service that can deliver this for Utility providers.

  • Experience Analysis is a component that analyses CSAT, NPS and complaint ease scores with comparative insight into your customer’s experience, allowing you to track CX over time, and benchmark your performance against the sector and key competitors over time.
  • Escalation Analysis can be achieved by comparing retention and escalation against your competitors allowing you to understand which types of cases are tending to escalate and how best to manage them.
  • Auto-Categorisation of complaints employs machine learning to categorise complaints revealing the real nature of customer issues. This can then be compared directly against your competitors.
  • Identification of vulnerable customers can be achieved through machine learning analysis, revealing where complaints could be aggravated by a vulnerability.

How we work with Utility providers

Step 1

We can arrange a consultation with a Resolver specialist to help provide you the best set of services to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Our Project team will oversee the on boarding process and manage any training needs.

Step 3

Our data science and consultant can help support actionable insight through our knowledge and expertise.

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Client Success

The Resolver process tends to change the customer’s language. Customers become more factual, less emotional. It then becomes easier for our handlers to understand the nature of the complaint. I’d recommend them to any business that wants to build its customer trust and customer service.

Andy Eadle

Director of Customer Services, Shell Energy

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