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Use comparative analytics & actionable insight to transform your customer’s experience

What value do we bring to companies in the Travel & Leisure sector?

Whether it’s an all-inclusive family holiday, a romantic weekend spa retreat or a night away on a business trip, when things go wrong it can severely damage retention and customer trust in your brand.

At Resolver, we understand the emotive implications around complaints within the travel & leisure sector and the consequences unhappy customers can have upon your business. We can help to build trust and increase customer satisfaction by comparing complaint metrics against your rivals to identify areas in need of attention.

Our machine learning and data science can analyse your complaints data, benchmarked against your competition, to highlight the risk of customers leaving. This insight can enable you to take the appropriate measures to prevent this from happening.

For, hotel, gym and leisure operators Resolver Analytics can identify issues with complaints handling and service performance at individual site level.

What can we help you achieve

  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Understand performance across your business, and drive service improvement
  • Reduce costs associated with complaints handling
  • Get early warnings of issues

How do we do this?

Resolver’s services are completely unique across all markets, benefiting from analysis into over 100 million data entries. This allows us to extract genuine intelligence and actionable insight. Resolver Analytics is a service that can deliver this for companies within the Travel & leisure sector.

Benchmarking allows you to compare your performance within your sector and the best in the market. These insights can be used to identify areas of improvement.

Retention Analysis allows you to understand the impact of complaint handling on customer churn. It integrates with benchmarking to highlight the risk of a customer leaving. This comparative and predictive analysis tool gives you a complete overview of customer retention.

Experience Analysis is a component that analyses CSAT, NPS and complaint ease scores with comparative insight into your customer’s experience, a key element to building and establishing trust.

Auto-Categorisation of complaints employs machine learning to categorise complaints revealing the truth of the issue. This can then be compared directly against your competitors.

How we work with Travel & leisure companies

Step 1

We can arrange a consultation with a Resolver specialist to help provide you the best set of services to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Our Project team will oversee the on boarding process and manage any training needs.

Step 3

Our data science and consultant can help support actionable insight through our knowledge and expertise.

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