We help the Telecom sector increase customer retention by improving trust & satisfaction

What value do we bring to Telecoms?

We understand that in a competitive market, having an edge can help elevate you above the rest of the pack. Consumers within the Telecoms sector seek a brand they can trust. This means getting value and receiving excellent service in return for their loyalty. When this isn’t achieved churn can happen.

We help Telecoms avoid this and add genuine, measureable value. We can assist in retaining customers through retention analysis and flag up issues with early warning signals.

We can reduce costs associated with complaints and increase the level of trust consumers feel for your brand.

A key area of our value proposition is also built around improving compliance and regulatory reporting models.

What can we help you achieve

  • Growth in customer trust
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Improve compliance & regulatory processes

How do we do this?

Resolver’s services are completely unique across all markets, benefiting from analysis into over 100 million data entries. This allows us to extract genuine intelligence and actionable insight.

Our Resolver Analytics service is powered by machine learning and data science to capture the truth from complaints. It's comprised of several components designed to present insight in a clear, visual format.

Retention Analysis is a premium tool within the system that integrates with benchmarking to highlight the risk of your customers leaving.

Through the system’s benchmarking capability, you can also receive advanced warnings of where you are slipping in comparison with your rivals enabling you time to fix the issue helping to reduce costs.

And when it comes to building customer trust, the Customer Experience component analyses CSAT, NPS and complaint ease scores with comparative insight into your customer’s experience, a key element to building and establishing trust.

How we work with Telecoms

Step 1

We can arrange a consultation with a Resolver specialist to help provide you the best set of services to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Our Project team will oversee the on boarding process and manage any training needs.

Step 3

Our data science and consultant can help support actionable insight through our knowledge and expertise.

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Client Success

The system makes things much easier for our teams. Our people love Resolver. The way the complaints are delivered is much easier, it reduces the amount of admin involved.

Steve Cairns

Senior Manager for Complaints and Policy at Three.

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Companies we work with

Three Mobile