Resolver Recognised

A survey of Resolver users found that three-quarters said a reputation for 'putting things right' is a very important influence on their perception of a company or brand. A further three fifths said they would be significantly more likely to choose a provider if it had been endorsed by Resolver as excellent at handling and resolving customer issues. 

Resolver Recognised is the scheme to show customers your company is trusted to offer top class customer resolution and service. Using direct feedback from our users - and a company’s customers - we analyse responses through our comprehensive scoring system and seven core relative performance indicators. 

Only companies we know to be truly performing better than their competitors are eligible to be Resolver Recognised. By providing this opportunity we are cementing our commitment to working with these companies to ensure continued success - for the benefit of their customers. Find out if your company is eligible by getting in touch.


What you will get

Use of Resolver Recognised badge across all your commercial and communication channels - building on the trust that your company delivers the best customer resolution and service in your market.

Opportunities to be featured as a case study on Resolver channels – promoting how and why you stand out for the excellent service your company provides. 



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