Premium Package 

Resolver Pro

Premium Package

Premium Package


  • Claim and create your business profile
  • View complaints in one place
  • Respond via email
  • One company-wide view
  • Monthly snapshot data dashboard
  • Centralised CMS portal
  • CS Team Manager & Agent Profiles
  • Agent case sharing functionality
  • Monthly snapshot data dashboard
  • Case Handling Reporting dashboard
  • Automatic first response messaging
  • Case History CSV Download
  • Case Resolution Benchmarking dashboard
  • Local listing Management and SEO - Online Presence Lite included!

Package Overview

The Resolver Pro Premium package builds on Resolver Pro Essentials to provide even more insight and transparency for both your business and the customer. You'll get all the essential tools including a CMS portal for your business, customer service manager and team agent profiles, a monthly dashboard, plus first response and automated email messaging to quickly resolve complaints. 

Resolver Pro Premium also introduces the case handling benchmarking dashboard where you can not only view your case history for reporting purposes but also compare your performance and customer service levels against competitors to get ahead of the game. 

What's more, you'll also be able to easily sort and display customer feedback for your customers to attract new customers and add value to your business proposition.

Resolver Pro Premium provides more insight and transparency for both you and your customers, allowing for seamless feedback and complaints management and resolutions. It also includes our Lite Marketing Services Package, enabling you to manage all your local listings and boost SEO performance for an enhanced digital brand presence. 

Why use Resolver Pro?

Resolver Pro is designed to help businesses of all sizes easily manage complaints and feedback all in one centralised system. It allows for insights into complaints, response rates and benchmarking to build on business reputation and support growth.

  • Easily manage your complaints via the Resolver Pro Portal
  • Assign CS manager and agent profiles for efficient internal and external processes
  • Review and analyse cases and measure resolution rate
  • Benchmark your complaint handling against competitors
  • Improve customer service and enhance the customer experience
  • Build and share positive feedback to help grow your business
  • Enhance SEO and build brand presence online
  • Flexible, scalable solutions plus additional support packages

Grow your business with Online Presence Light

We offer a Marketing Services Package for businesses included with Resolver Pro Premium. 

This platform enables you to:

 > Sync business listings including address, phone numbers and trading hours

>  Get insights into your Google Business profile

> Tag photos across social media platforms

This is all able to be updated and edit online, in real-time through your 'My Listings’ page.

For more advanced Marketing Services and SEO, including responding to Google and Facebook reviews from additional sources and additional social media management, get in touch today and enquire below.  

Interested in the Premium Package? 

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