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Introduction to Resolver X

Resolver X is a collection of data analysis tools delivered as online API based services primarily aimed at allowing our customers to analyse their complaints and other customer data to provide greater understanding and actionable insight. These tools have been built based upon Resolver’s experience of working with 3.8m complaints across all market sectors and are used to power our analytics and benchmarking services.

What Xtras can Resolver X add for you?


Resolver has built a situational vulnerability assessment service to enable the real-time analysis of customer correspondence to any risk factors that may be triggers of situational vulnerability. The service is presented as an API to enable your systems to present a block of text for analysis and to return a score and the categories of risk. A member of our team is also one of the UK representatives working to define an international standard for addressing the needs of consumers in vulnerable situations.

Ombudsman escalation

The escalation of a complaint to the ombudsman is usually the sign of the breakdown in trust between consumer and company and in a lot of instances it can be avoided. Resolver has been working to understand the patterns of engagement and interactions between customers and companies to enable us to predict the likelihood of a complaint escalating. This will enable you to identify cases where there is a greater problem and act accordingly to reduce the potential to escalate.

Auto categorisation

profiling your customer plaints to automatically determine what category they fall into based on their own description of what went wrong. Consistent and reliable reporting on complaint categories and the ability to determine whether a customer contact should be seen as an enquiry or a complaint.

Outcome Prediction

understanding the likely conclusion of an individual complaint case based on previous submission profiles to ensure a speedy resolution or whether to take a different approach to obtain a better outcome.

All case benchmarking

using your data alongside the Resolver data set within the Resolver Analytics portal to provide deeper insight to customer behaviour and retention.

Sectors we work with

If your sector isn't shown above, then not to fear, Resolver can help businesses that operate across a wide variety of sectors, Speak to us to see how we could help you.

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Our Impact

Increase Customer Retention

Resolver's analytic tools can help increase customer retention through detailed comparative analytics

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Building Customer Trust

Resolver can help grow customer trust and increase loyalty through detailed insights and improved processes

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Reducing Costs

Decrease costs & improve efficiency in complaint handling

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Comparative Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your rivals and the entire market

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Client Success

Resolver’s data helps us to understand exactly where companies and sectors are performing well and where there’s room for improvement.

Chris Wright

Economic Advisor for Consumer & Competition Policy at BEIS

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