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Introduction to Resolver Analytics

Resolver Analytics is a powerful online portal that can benchmark your success against rival businesses and your entire market sector. Through unique complaint metrics you can visualise genuine actionable insight. Resolver Analytics can deliver real change in your business. Observe early warnings of market trends and threats, identify opportunities for improvement and increase your customer satisfaction and retention rates.


What can Resolver Analytics do for you?

Benchmark your performance

Choose competitors to benchmark yourself against. See visualisations of category and time- based trends to achieve accurate and consistent outcomes. You’ll have a clear view of your performance within your sector and compared to the best in the market. Then use those insights to identify areas where you can improve.

Identify vulnerable customers

How does your vulnerability profile differ from your competitors? Using anonymised data, Resolver Analytics allows you to see where your business may be failing your more vulnerable customers in comparison with your chosen competitors. Resolver Analytics’ machine learning analysis will show if customers’ complaints could be aggravated by a vulnerability.

Categorise complaints

When users select complaint categories from a predetermined list, they don’t always get it right. Why not let machine learning do it instead? Using natural language processing the Resolver portal sees beyond the dropdown menu of choices to find the truth of complaints. Your customers’ complaints will be auto- categorised then presented in direct comparison with your competitors.

Provide an early warning of Issues

Your own data might point to future trends. But it might not. Using Resolver Analytics, you’ll have access to insights from an entire sector, as well as tools that track complaints in real time to identify potential problems. Benchmarking gives advanced warning of where you are slipping in comparison with your rivals and give you time to fix the issue.

Predict when complaints will escalate

In an ideal world a complaint would never need to go to regulatory authorities. But in a less-than- ideal world, it’s best to be prepared in case it does. Studying retention and escalation benchmarked against your competitors allows you to understand when an issue is likely to escalate and how to manage it.

Root Cause Analysis

Building on Resolver’s comprehensive analytic and insight features, RCA provides intuitive visualisation of categories and themes and their correlations with complaint numbers and impacts, with the ability to drill through to individual cases. It provides actionable insight to drive business change.

The Resolver Analytics Components

Headline Analysis

Jump straight into the system with an overview of your complaint handling processes. Performance levels, changes in Key Performance Indicators, and emerging themes are all clearly displayed. The enhanced service has a choice of widgets including volume of complaints, spikes in complaints by category, the Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Profile Analysis

How do you know that a “normal” complaint isn’t a signal of a much wider problem? With Profile Analysis, you can identify the distribution of categories and compare your profiles to others in your industry. You can even identify unusual profiles that might indicate a vulnerable customer.

Resolution Analysis

Customer perception of how they have been treated is everything. So you need to keep track of what happened and how to improve or replicate results. Was the complaint resolved? How? And what steps did you take to resolve it? The Resolution Analysis component benchmarks your results and measures good will or refund payments to make sure you’re being as efficient and effective as possible.

Performance Analysis

Review your average number of touch points, number of touch points by category, and average time to resolve a complaint. As well as comparing yourself to others in the marketplace, you can see escalation rates and allows you to cross reference the performance with outcomes.

Experience Analysis

Review complaint data by category and time period. Then benchmark your Customer Satisfaction, Ease of complaining , and Net Promotor Scores against the best and worst in your sector to get a comparative insight into customer experience, the key driver in retention.

Retention Analysis

Understand the impact of complaint handling on customer churn. Retention Analysis is a premium component that integrates with benchmarking to highlight the risk of a customer leaving. Using data from Resolver’s machine learning tools and feedback from your customers, this comparative and predictive analysis tool gives you a complete overview of customer retention.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is the latest premium tool based on Resolver’s comprehensive analytic and insight features combined with Resolver Consulting. It helps you visualise categories and themes and their correlation with complaint numbers, impacts – or any other available dimension. The service will provide even better insight into patterns as well as individual cases.

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Resolver's analytic tools can help increase customer retention through detailed comparative analytics

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Resolver can help grow customer trust and increase loyalty through detailed insights and improved processes

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Decrease costs & improve efficiency in complaint handling

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Comparative Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your rivals and the entire market

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Resolver’s data helps us to understand exactly where companies and sectors are performing well and where there’s room for improvement.

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