Posted By Chris O'Byrne on 23rd July, 2019

Egeria Insights: Resolver Group's new B2B brand

Resolver Group are moving its business intelligence and insights services across to a newly branded division of its business: Egeria Insights.


With over 4 million consumer complaint cases, Egeria Insights will offer a unique service to businesses keen to grow their customer loyalty and strive to become best in-class in complaint resolution. Through the use of industry benchmarking and predictive analytics Egeria Insights will support the application of business intelligence that reduces churn and identifies consumers with impactful vulnerabilities.


Tapping into your most unused asset


Complaints data is a hugely valuable commodity to your business when it comes to improving and growing. As Bill Gates put it ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning’. By providing an alternative complaint channel, real-time actionable insight and predictive analysis, underpinned by expert consultation Egeria Insights will lead the charge in helping you to tap into this unused asset and turn a problem into an opportunity.


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