Posted By Chris O'Byrne on 28th November, 2018

Webinar: Building Customer Trust

Are you looking to build customer trust? Join a debut Resolver Canada Webinar with Founder, James Walker

You don’t realize how precious customer trust is until you lose it.  And trust is built or lost in the quality of the response when something goes wrong. 

Trust is extremely polarizing – if you earn it, customers spend more and recommend more.  If you lose it, customers will damn you loudly and leave.


“94% of customers who reported a low effort when resolving an issue expressed intention to repurchase, and 88% said they would spend more.
Conversely 81% of customers who had a hard time resolving their problems expressed an intention to spread negative word of mouth.”

Stop trying to delight your customers
Harvard Business Review 2010


Most businesses who value customer loyalty are interested in any new approach that helps build customer trust. Beacuse customer trust is your real measure of success and a cornerstone to any healthy business model. So, here’s where we come in.

Resolver is a communication platform built to facilitate the conversation between the customer and the business when things go wrong. It delivers better outcomes for everyone -- both customers and businesses.

And now, Resolver is coming to Canada in February 2019!

Here’s what Resolver has achieved in the UK and is set to do so in Canada:

  • 3 million case files
  • 33,000 businesses listed
  • 4.9/5 satisfaction rating on Facebook
  • 98% Resolver users will recommend the service
  • 18% brand recognition (YouGov survey)

We invite you to join us in a 30-minute debut webinar to find out more about how the Resolver platform works and how your customers may start to use it to communicate with you.


“Resolver has honed a communications tool that helps consumers and businesses to resolve issues more effectively. Today Canada can be a complicated landscape for consumers to know when, how and to whom they should complain. The Resolver tool will help to simplify the complaints process and I am proud and excited to be part of the team bringing Resolver to Canada.”

Sarah Kennedy
Market Engagement



“Resolver is a brilliant way to bring better outcomes to both consumers and organizations looking to reduce their customer churn by offering improved customer service.  As both and investor and employee of this exciting new offering, I am excited to be part of the team bringing the service to Canada and supporting the exciting growth of Resolver, internationally.”

Peter Wright
Market Engagement


Please download our New Introducing Resolver brochure available in English and French:

“Introducing Resolver Canada (English)”

“Introducing Resolver Canada (French)”


For more information on Resolver Canada email Sarah Kennedy or Peter Wright