Posted on 17th July, 2018

Media Release: Complaints triple to 1.2 million as Resolver releases its figures for 2017

In total the number of complaints made through Resolver in 2017 tripled to 1,217,994. 

Though long-standing problems with PPI, flight delays and packaged bank accounts continue to top the ‘most complained about’ list, increasing numbers of people are seeking help about a diverse range of services, from retailers to restaurants and from travel firms to ticket sales.

Because Resolver allows users to complain about almost every sector in the UK, the figures released show not only emerging trends in complaints but also highlight how the way we live today is evolving.


A few of the big stats…

  • In the calendar year 2017, Resolver has seen complaints increase by an extraordinary 200%, from 405,377 to 1,217,994. Over 1.6 million individual people now use Resolver to make complaints or pass on comments to businesses.
  • Resolver released three new complaints tools for PPI in 2017 and in just one year, 664,129 people have used them. The tools allow people to complain about a mis-sold policy or excessive commission (‘Plevin’ cases), while a further tool helps businesses track down missing policies. Over 10,000 people a week are currently using the apps.
  • Over 200,000 people made complaints about flight delays or packaged bank accounts, slight increases on the previous year. Disappointingly, it’s likely that these figures have been affected by significant increases in activity by claims management companies and their aggressive pursuit of customers.
  • Increasing numbers of people are asking for help with shops and retailers. Complaints about online shopping are up 83% to 53,050, while the high-street prompted 50,431 complaints, up 59%. As more of us shop for goods online, a whopping 9,134 people made a complaint about a package delivery (up 177%)
  • Holidays continue to result in a huge increase in cases, with complaints about tour operators up by 54% (to 4,929) and travel agents up 100% (to 9,073). Complaints about hotels remain at consistent levels (6,852 complaints).
  • Dining out and eating in remain a national obsession despite tighter budgets, which may account for the rise in complaints. Dining and restaurant complaints are up 69% to 24,432. Meanwhile, takeaways – driven largely by home delivery services – are up 86% to 18,216.
  • There is good news for businesses though, as customer satisfaction is increasing with over half of people telling Resolver they were satisfied or pleased with the businesses resolution after making a complaint. Resolver works with businesses to help them sort out their customer’s complaints quickly and effectively, with many reporting increased rates of satisfaction with their service.


James Walker, founder of Resolver says:

"Getting a complaint sorted out should be simple. But every friend, family member or colleague you speak to has a horror story about terrible service or frustrating firms. Making a complaint can sometimes feel like trying to navigate a particularly tricky labyrinth. As a result, too many people give up and go unhappy.

 It’s great that millions of people used Resolver to get a complaint sorted last year. And it’s awesome how some businesses have taken the opportunity to significantly change the way they look at complaints so they can learn from their customers. Despite this, too many people are telling us that they still aren’t being listened to – and that needs to change."