Posted on 12th July, 2018

Resolver Business League Table

This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the organisations who are delivering outstanding customer service to consumers – if your business is on the list, congratulations from the Resolver team!

As ever, a huge thank you to every business we’ve worked with over 2017 – and a warm welcome to those who’ll be working with us in 2018.


The Resolver League Table

When consumers submit a case via Resolver, we ask them to supply a score to show how satisfied they are with the service they’ve received from the company they’re dealing with. We’ve compiled these to form an extended business league table. These scores are out of 10, and are shown below against the sector average. The higher the score, the better!

Companies Score +/- Previous Year
Singapore Airlines 8.12 +0.62
SAS 7.64 +2.20
LV= 7.52 +2.83
Yorkshire Bank 7.36 +1.57
First Direct 7.29 +2.1
Lloyds Bank 7.26 +0.59
Cathay Pacific 7.23 +1.65
Tesco Bank 7.21 N/A
Pizza Express 7.13 -0.35
Jet2 7.12 +0.64
Odeon 6.96 N/A
Greggs 6.95 -0.02
Skipton Building Society 6.94 +0.29
First Response 6.93 -2.57
ASOS 6.88 +1.87
West Bromwich Building Society 6.84 N/A
Village Hotels 6.83 +0.80
Flybe 6.80 +/-0.00
Icelandair 6.80 -0.7
Marks & Spencer 6.80 +2.62
Next 6.77 +0.04
Capital One 6.77 +0.04
Pets at Home 6.73 +1.63
TUI Airways 6.73 +1.00
Caffe Nero 6.70 -0.76
Waitrose 6.69 +0.56
Costa Coffee 6.67 +0.51
Experian 6.67 -0.29
MBNA Limited 6.66 +2.04
NRAM 6.65 +0.05


The Results

We have seen an overall increase in the diversity of companies represented in the upper echelons of the Resolver League Table. While both financial organisations and airlines are strongly represented in the top 20, 2017 has seen numerous High Street brands receive very positive scores from consumers. Representing retail, food and leisure services, these companies are taking steps towards providing consumers with comprehensive customer service.



The average for airlines in the top 30 is 7.20 (up from 6.97 in 2017), signalling an improvement in the relationship between consumers and airlines. This comes despite a turbulent year for the aviation industry in which several big names have experienced a high frequency of well-documented delays (and in which some major firms have gone into administration). These figures result from both improved consumer knowledge regarding Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, with consumers understanding both their rights and the results they can expect from airlines’ complaints procedures, and increased engagement with Resolver from businesses, who have worked to align direct submission processes, improve transparency and ensure reliable results.



The average figure for banks, credit companies and building societies is 7 this year, up from 6.26 last year. As the deadline for PPI claims looms, increased awareness of PPI has led many consumers to file claims for old policies. Banks and credit companies have handled repayments exceptionally well this year, paying out promptly and accurately. This (along with frequently large payouts) has resulted in many happy customers leaving very positive satisfaction scores, and, as a result, organisations currently dealing with PPI complaints can expect to enjoy a better relationship with their customers in future. Insurance brokers in particular are well represented in the league table, with LV= boasting a very high satisfaction score.



The retail sector is enjoying greater representation in the top 30 this year, with numerous businesses enjoying high satisfaction scores. Retailers and restaurants are built around customer service, and this is a reassuring sign that the UK’s retail sector is at the top of its game (despite what has been a difficult year for many high street retailers). In addition, it is clear that consumers are now comfortable using Resolver to solve their issues with a wider variety of businesses. Of particular note is Pizza Express, who have maintained a high ranking in the league table despite a slight decrease in their overall score.


The Year Ahead

Overall, it has been a very positive year, with many companies enjoying an increase in their customer satisfaction scores. As consumers grow ever more aware of their rights, it is reassuring that businesses are maintaining an effective system of response – making sure that their customers feel they are receiving the fast, fair treatment they deserve. This trend is sure to continue as Resolver continues to work with businesses to build a better market.