Posted on 6th July, 2018

Resolver and the Gambling Commission team up to help resolve customer issues

Resolver has been working in partnership with the Gambling Commission on how to make the process of managing gambling complaints simpler and more effective, for both the consumer and the company.

Resolver is an entirely free service created to help people raise issues about a range of services quickly and direct to the business. The Resolver website provides guidance on making clear and effective complaints alongside a wealth of resources for people who want to know more about their consumer rights.

The online resolution tool also offers an escalation process to help consumers and businesses reach a satisfactory resolution. Resolver users can escalate their issue within a company and ultimately on to an industry regulator or alternative dispute resolution service, where one exists.

Resolver is proud to have helped sort out over 1,200,000 complaints since it began three years ago, with over 1,000,000 unique users. It works with key regulatory organisations and other public bodies, such as the Financial Ombudsman, Ombudsman Services, and now the Gambling Commission.

Resolver is not anticipating an immediate influx of complaints to gambling companies as it takes time for consumers to learn that they can now use the tool to raise issues with gambling companies.

Adding gambling companies to the Resolver system will be a gradual process. The gambling companies perceived to be the largest were uploaded to the system first, others will be added over the following weeks and months.

Resolver’s experience has shown that routeing complaints to the most appropriate part of an organisation vastly improves the chances of a quick and satisfactory resolution. So, it makes sense for firms to contact Resolver to let them know the preferred email addresses to forward complaints to.

The Resolver system works best when the consumer has multiple options to escalate their case, rather than going straight to the regulator or the courts if they are unsatisfied. For example, ‘Customer Service’ escalated to ‘Complaints Manager’, escalated to ‘CEO office’, escalated to ‘ADR provider’. Therefore, it would be useful if companies would provide this further escalation contact and the ADR they subscribe to, if possible.

Please send any information about favoured complaint contact email addresses to:

Visit to learn more about the service.

Resolver looks forward to working more closely with companies in the gambling sector to help make resolving issues easier for consumers and businesses.