Posted on 21st June, 2017

Opinion: How Are We Changing The Game?

James Walker on, Building a better market for Consumers and businesses

Resolver is focused on creating better markets, that work effectively for the consumer, the trader, the Ombudsman and the Regulator. We are collaborating with Ombudsman Services, the leading multi-discipline Ombudsman in the UK to improve the efficiency of the market to regulate and resolve issues.

Resolver (actually Resolving Limited) is divided into three key service areas.


Consumer – Resolver

This is the heart of business and is the largest consumer resolution site in the UK, and this year we will help over 1.4 million consumers to raise and resolve £400 million of issues for free. The service is built on the principles of online dispute resolution and helps consumers to be more effective at raising, managing and resolving issues.

The service covers over 25,000 businesses across 100 sectors and assists businesses to resolve issues, but, never acts on their behalf, it provides an effective tool to help consumers be more effective at understanding their rights, raising issues and knowing what to do and when including if unresolved escalating their case to the appropriate Ombudsman.

We have a strong set of ethics including some fundamental principles of:

  • Always free for the consumer
  • No adverts
  • No sale or use of personal data
  • No marketing to consumers

This approach means a number of key regulators, Ombudsmen and consumer organisations recommend Resolver.

At any time, over 120,000 cases are live in Resolver with two customer support agents providing high quality support for all consumers in the resolution process. Consumers rate Resolver 4.8 out of 5.0 on Facebook reviews.


Assisting organisations  

For effective resolution, Resolver believes businesses need to be supported in better decision making to help deliver better resolution. By assisting businesses to swiftly make the right decision, personalised to the consumer and their issue, We believe this improves confidence in that organisation and, as importantly, confidence in that market sector. Effective market trust leads to increased consumer engagement and growth.

We also deliver three key services to support this.


Corporate Services

To receive complaints from Resolver is free, however, we also assist businesses to be more effective at managing and resolving customer issues and we charge for this service.

Resolver helps corporates to understand how to deliver better resolution through insight and recommendations. When a consumer raises a case, Resolver delivers intelligent insights that will identify the severity of the incident, the socioeconomic group, geographical location, consumer emotion and then auto summarise their issue. With the experience of responses and associated outcomes, we are able to learn to predict the best response for a given issue type by customer. We are now beginning to predict the outcome and likelihood of escalation of any given case. This enables businesses to make better, faster decisions at a lower cost.

In addition to intelligent submission, Resolver automatically benchmarks an organisation’s services against their market, best in class and key comparable services.  Combined with automated root cause analysis, we help organisations to understand what they need to do and how they should deliver service improvement and change to their business. These are focused on driving service improvement to deliver better outcomes and better services for consumers. Ultimately this improved customer retention and average customer revenues.


Small businesses – Helper

Small businesses have been underserved in their quest to resolve issues. Tools are available to support businesses in capturing and recording complaints but not to provide the support and guidance they need throughout the resolution process. As such, Ombudsman Services and Resolver are developing Helper, a tool to help small businesses to manage and resolve customer issues.

The tool will help small businesses understand their rights and the consumer’s rights, and guide them through the process of how to respond and resolve the consumers issue. If the issue cannot be resolved then, based on integration with Ombudsman Services, the platform will allow unresolved issues to be escalated for independent, low cost, online issue resolution.


Ombudsman/ADR – Decider

Resolver has developed the Decider platform to assist markets in resolving issues that cannot be resolved by the consumer and business without additional intervention and independent support. The platform is focused on delivering an efficient and effective access to justice for unresolved issues, both consumer and business. In essence, the platform provides an online Court environment with an asynchronous resolution process.

The platform allows one party to upload the case, the other to comment (in a controlled environment and under the management of the ADR Neutral administrator). Once information is captured from both sides and comments made (as appropriate) then the case is passed over to the Adjudicator for a decision. The decision process can be online, phone or face to face. A decision is then created and listed to the parties, and they can then login to read the decision. All activity is recorded by the platform in an auditable log where each action by date and user is recorded.  

The platform is deployed with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT), which is the independent appeals processes for parking tickets and bus lane contraventions for England and Wales and the Dartford Crossing. 96% of appeals are now online and the tribunal is delivering the fastest resolution processes for any Court or Tribunal in the UK.

Another instance of the platform will shortly be deployed to support resolution in the energy, telecoms and property markets in the UK as well as to support general market resolution in conjunction with the Helper service.