More than a work place - we’re a community

At Resolver, we see ourselves as so much more than just a work place, we’re a community of like-minded people passionate about creating better outcomes.

Life here is fast, agile and exciting, but more than anything it's fun and rewarding. Whether it’s our group yoga sessions, brain storming over coffee or joining each other for social team bonding occasions, we are committed to an inclusive, collaborative culture where everyone’s voice is heard and where everyone can make a difference.

One of the great things about working at resolver is the genuine passion people have for what they do….
Fran, Head of Customer Service

I’ve never worked in a business where everyone has pulled together they way they have here…
Mark, Head of Business Engagement

There’s a really strong sense of community at Resolver and we all value what each other do in their own individual teams…
Hattie, Head of Projects

Resolver empowers its employees to make their own decisions, to be creative and to try out different solutions. That really demonstrates trust and makes it a much nicer place to work…
Tom, Head of Resolver Canada

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