Essentials Package

Resolver Pro

Essentials Package

Essentials Package

Small Companies

  • Claim and create your business profile
  • View complaints in one place
  • Respond via email
  • One company-wide view
  • Monthly snapshot data dashboard
  • Centralised CMS portal
  • CS Team Manager & Agent Profiles
  • Agent case sharing functionality
  • Case Handling Reporting dashboard
  • Local listing Management and SEO - Online Presence Lite included!

Package Overview

Resolver Pro Essentials is created for businesses to enable you to resolve and respond to complaints and feedback in one centralised portal. You'll get your own business page and a CMS portal for your business to view any issues to enhance customer service and brand reputation. 

With Resolver Pro Essentials, you'll also be able to assign a customer service manager and add agent profiles for efficient internal responses. It enables you to work within the business to quickly respond to more urgent cases to avoid further escalation and improve the customer experience.

You'll also get a monthly dashboard with a high-level view of the total number of complaints each month. You can review complaint issue flows and your average score which you can share with your customers. 

Plus, you'll receive local listings marketing management tools that will help optimise your site and improve SEO to build your online brand presence. This includes tools to create, sync and manage your listings in one easy-to-use dashboard and enables new customers to find you more easily. 

Why use Resolver Pro?

Resolver Pro is built for businesses of all sizes to enable a scalable solution to respond to and resolve complaints all within one easy platform.

  • Easy to use SaaS platform
  • Respond quickly and resolve complaints easy
  • Affordable, flexible and scalable solution
  • Improve customer service and support brand reputation
  • Take control of your customer feedback and work internally effectively to avoid escalation
  • Monthly reporting dashboard in one centralised place
  • Optimised website and enhanced online brand presence

Want to find out more?

Resolver Pro Essentials is suitable for businesses that are looking to improve their customers' experience and support a positive brand reputation.

If you're looking for a more in-depth solution, our Resolver Pro Premium package can also help you benchmark against competitors, plus display and sort customer feedback to attract and retain customers.

Resolver Pro also offers an upgraded Marketing Services package allowing you to grow your business even further. Enquire today and find out what we can offer to suit you.

Interested in the Essentials Package? 

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