Enterprise Package

Resolver Pro

Enterprise Package

Enterprise Package

Large Companies

As Premium package, plus:

  • Customisable first response templates
  • Integration with existing CMS tools, e.g. Zendesk
  • Customer Vulnerability Detector
  • Skill set case routing
  • Customisable screens & management flows
  • Timebound agent response tracking
  • Scheduled Reporting 
  • Customised Data Dashboards

Package Overview

Resolver Pro Enterprise has been developed for companies looking to manage complaints and feedback based on your business requirements. Building on our Premium package, Enterprise is a customisable platform to enable transparency of expectations for both your business and your customers. 

You'll be able to assign a CS manager as well as set up profiles for each of your agents, plus get access to specific skill set routing based on agent specialism and the nature of each individual issue. 

What's more, you get access to a customisable dashboard, screens and management flow as well as first response email templates to really elevate customer service levels. The Saas platform can also be integrated with existing CMS tools for ease of use. Plus, can help track SLAs and monitor response times so you can analyse and improve internal performance. 

The Resolver Pro Enterprise package has built-in AI to detect vulnerable customers so your team can help protect your customers and resolve issues with sensitivity. You'll also get access to competitor benchmarketing and automated email circulation internally for enhanced morale and efficient performance day to day.

Why use Resolver Pro?

Resolver Pro is a tool for businesses to really enhance the customer experience, build company reputation and help to grow your company. 

Reviews and feedback can have a big influence on how a customer comes to you. That's why Resolver Pro was built - to help have all of it in one place.

  • Easy, flexible, scalable options
  • Opportunities to enhance reputation and customer experience
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Showcase reviews and grow your business
  • Integration with existing CMS tools
  • Protect and support customers for retention
  • Manage internally and send complaints to the right place for efficient resolution
  • Save time and money company-wide
  • Provide additional marketing support to increase online brand presence
  • Report, analyse and manage all in one place

Gain control and manage feedback easily

Our feedback package is built for you to engage with your customers and take control of the feedback you receive. It enables your business to collect unlimited feedback and collect data specifically for your company, specific locations or even individual members of your team. 

It allows you to:

  > Collate and display feedback

  > Categorise and filter feedback, showcasing positive comments

  > Collect Unlimited Feedback with unique Feedback QR codes bespoke to your requirements

  > Agent/Employee & Manager data dashboards

  > White label customised branding

Get in touch today, and we can discuss your business requirements and design a package that's right for you. 

Interested in the Enterprise Package? 

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