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How your business could benefit​ from Resolver Prime

Resolver Prime is a custom-built complaints journey tool via with API (application programming interface).​ A customised consumer journey through the Resolver dispute resolution platform, that perfectly aligns the process with a company’s own consumer complaints procedure. Using the API to ensure all tools are interacting on the different platforms, a company can optimise the opportunity to:

Triage consumer complaints as they arrive, prioritise consumer complaints that fall into specific categories and reduce the
resolution time
of consumer complaints by improving efficiency.

Resolver Prime with API tool

The Resolver Prime with API tool provides an easy to follow
consumer journey, allowing a company to access and dissect a consumer’s complaint step by step, leading to improved customer sentiment results and saved costs to the company due to
improved efficiency.​

An individual company can customise which data points Resolver Prime collects and how and which complaints are presented to the different sections of a customer service team, when a complaint is submitted by a consumer. This administration process significantly reduces the processing time of a complaint procedure, ensuring efficiency in that the right people obtain the complaint for that specific area of the business.

Let us do the work for you

The Resolver Prime complaints platform captures all communication between a company and the complainant safely and securely. This can include documents which may be used to support the complaint procedure and Resolver Prime can align with any company’s existing procedures to ensure the necessary data is captured. Once a consumer complaint is submitted, Resolver Prime reports back the data at operational level, allowing specific teams within a business to analyse and use the data to improve a company’s procedures and services.

All backed up by Resolver’s unique back engine and unrivalled data sets of over 7 million cases.

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