Resolver Feedback

Perfect your business
by collecting customer

Resolver Feedback

How your business could benefit​ from daily customer feedback

  • Collect maximum customer feedback as possible​
  • Continuously measure feedback locations​
  • Gain instant insights to help develop your business​
  • Support business growth, with facts​
  • Analyse data in real-time​
  • Gain a better understanding of your market​
  • Customers can start their feedback journey via QR code

Resolver’s users will be able to review businesses, which in turn allows firms to hear directly from their customers about the things that they are doing well – and identify problems before they become difficult or costly to tackle. The best in customer feedback given in real time.

Collecting feedback from your customers

  • Anonymous, for better insights​
  • High response rate – up to 60% ​
  • Mobile optimised/browser compatible​
  • Real-time results ​
  • Full survey management​
  • Automatic updates /Maintenance free​
  • Scan a QR code to give feedback​
  • Easy way to collect feedback
  • Insights into live website issues
  • Helps you improve customer satisfaction ​
  • Collect feedback after a shopping
  • Website smart pop-up possible​

Helping when things​ don't go to plan

If your customer chooses to leave a bad review, there are two options given on screen. ​One will allow them to give the negative feedback and the other option will allow them to start a case with Resolver.

What does next

  • The case will be entered into the Resolver platform​
  • The issue will be raised with the company concerned​    
  • Everything is dealt with through Resolver​
  • Single Point of Truth​    
  • Easy, efficient and free for the customer

Getting creative​

  • Provide links to the review page​
  • Offer incentives to gain more reviews​
  • Ask for reviews for staff, products and service​
  • Asking for reviews gains customer trust


Our Value to you​ and your staff​

Optimise staff scheduling, product selection​

Lead the team daily with customer experience ​

Show everyone that service matters and is tracked every day

Real time awareness: See where to focus​

Powerful tool for your store managers to track and manage CX ​

Get feedback also from who those who did not buy

Reporting & Analytics

The benefit of the API is that it enables organisations to create experience reporting and insights solutions that can be customized to their needs. ​ It’s the best option when the data needs to be extracted and transformed often and repetitively for a large number of touch points. ​By using the API, two systems can communicate with each other whenever needed and perform tasks with almost no supervision and at very low cost.

  • Easy to use toolset to drill down deeper into the data​
  • Full region and unit level benchmarking controls ​
  • Export capability of the data
  • ​Filter results by time, location, date and hour​
  • Visual, simplified, summary of key performance results​
  • See the status and direction of your customer experience

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