Regulatory Issues

Avoid risks associated with complaints and comply to the highest standards

Avoid risks associated with complaints and comply to the highest standards

Could you improve your compliance obligations through analytics?

The simple answer is an overwhelming, yes. If you operate within a regulated sector, we can help you to minimise risk and ensure you are adhering to best practice for compliance within the regulatory framework stipulated. Our services are completely unique in this regard. We can help you to address problems before they happen through early warnings of issues and an escalation predictor model powered by over 3.5 million complaint case files and over 100 million data entry points. Our root cause analysis component can then help you to dig deep into your organisation to fix the issues before they impact upon your compliance.

How do we help you achieve this?

We support regulated businesses by providing them the analytical insight to understand their own performance measured against the sector to identify areas of concern and to take the appropriate steps to fix these, and in doing so, minimising the potential for issues to cause regulatory issues. In short, it eases the burden and improves your performance.

  • Root Cause Analysis provides actionable insight to drive business change by identifying correlations in complaint categories and themes.
  • Early warning of issues can be identified through intuitive analysis of your data compared against the entire sector to identify potential problems before they cause issues for you.
  • Vulnerability Analysis is another way of demonstrating compliance towards customer care. Our analysis will show you if a customers’ complaint could be aggravated by a vulnerability.
  • Escalation Predictor can help regulated industries avoid the costly result of a poorly handled complaint case. Through our escalation analysis it is possible to study customer retention and escalation, benchmarked against your competitors, allowing you to understand when an issue is likely to escalate and how best to manage the situation should it do so, thus avoiding unnecessary risk.

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