Early Warnings & Escalations

Take a proactive approach by identifying areas of concern before they cause issues

Take a proactive approach by identifying areas of concern before they cause issues

Can Resolver help you to identify potential issues before they happen?

Yes. Resolver hold a unique position of strength when it comes to applying data science and machine learning to identify correlations in complaint categories and themes. The relevant outcomes can then be measured comparatively across your sector identifying wider patterns non-exclusive of your own business. This reveals a true model of a complaint profile enabling us to compare these against complaints that escalate and cause issues. These complaints can then be flagged at an early stage enabling you to intervene and take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening.

How do we help you achieve this?

We can measure your complaint profiles comparatively against the whole market to create a truthful view of cases that have the potential to escalate. These models can then be applied to your own case files to identify problems before they become issues.

  • Early warning of issues can be identified through intuitive analysis of your data compared against the entire sector to identify potential problems before they cause issues for you.
  • Escalation Predictor can help avoid the costly result of a poorly handled complaint case. Through our escalation analysis it is possible to study customer retention and escalation, benchmarked against your competitors, allowing you to understand when an issue is likely to escalate and how best to manage the situation should it do so, thus avoiding unnecessary risk.

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