Auto Categorisation Of Complaints

Improve complaint categorisation for a better understanding of issues

Improve complaint categorisation for a better understanding of issues

Could you benefit from Auto Complaint Categorisation?

When it comes to complaint categories, most businesses ask users to choose from a predetermined list. This means they can’t always get the issue right, because if it’s not on the list, then it can’t get picked up on. This is where the value of machine learning becomes clear.

By using Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Resolver portal sees beyond the dropdown menu of choices to find the truth behind complaints. Your customers’ complaints will be auto-categorised then presented in direct comparison with your competitors.

How do we help you achieve this?

Through our auto-categorisation and auto-routing services, we can help complaints to be efficiently organised for more effective outcomes. This ultimately helps to increase efficiency and to reduce costs.

  • Auto-Categorisation of complaints employs machine learning to categorise complaints revealing the truth of the issue. This can then be compared directly against your competitors.
  • Auto-Routing is a customisable tool that improves time management by enabling a route to effectively manage consumer expectation and prevent unnecessary follow-ups.

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