Reducing Costs

Decrease costs & improve efficiency in complaint handling

Decrease costs & improve efficiency in complaint handling

Is it possible to reduce the costs associated with complaints?

There are a number of ways in which complaints can have a detrimental impact upon a company’s finances. The source of this can differ greatly from business to business, however common causes are consistently seen in the inefficiencies in complaint handling processes in place, customer dissatisfaction leading to customer churn (ensuing the associated cost in replacing customers) and the escalation costs when complaints reach a higher authority.

Nevertheless, these cost burdens can be addressed and reduced through detailed, actionable insight in conjunction with improved complaint handling processes. So, the simple answer is yes; it is possible to reduce the costs associated with complaints, and Resolver is unique in its ability to support this objective.

How do we help to reduce costs?

We help businesses to delve deep into their complaint data to identify the cause of complaints and compare this insight across the market. This can help identify current issues as well future trends. These advanced warnings of where you are falling short in comparison to the rest of the market will help you address these problems and the associated costs.

Our analytics service includes a premium component in Root Cause Analysis, which provides visual insight into complaint categories, themes and any correlations with impact. This provides actionable insight in tackling costly issues affecting your business such as customer churn.

For regulated industries, complaint escalation can be the costly result of a poorly handled complaint case. Through our escalation analysis it is possible to study customer retention and escalation, benchmarked against your competitors, allowing you to understand when an issue is likely to escalate and how best to manage the situation should it do so, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.

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