Comparative Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your rivals and the entire market

Gain a better understanding of your rivals and the entire market

How could you benefit from understanding your competition better?

If only you had a crystal ball allowing you to gaze into the future to see where market trends were leading. Unfortunately, Resolver don’t provide magic services – but we’re not far off.

Our analytical benchmarking capabilities are completely unique, powered by over 3.5 million complaint case files and over 100 million data points, meaning our understanding of consumer complaints goes beyond any other organisation.

Through the use of comparative analytics, we can help you to compare your complaints profile against a pre-determined set of competitors as well as your whole market. This includes being able to compare against the ‘best in class’. This allows you to measure your performance and identify areas to focus improvements around. Using intuitive machine learning and data science, you can even receive early warnings of issues before they become a problem, helping to proactively take the necessary steps to prevent problems happening in the first place.


Perhaps it is magic after all!

How do we help you achieve this?

We help businesses to delve deep into their complaint data to identify the cause of complaints and compare this insight across the market. This can help identify current issues as well future trends.

  • Benchmarking allows you to compare your performance within your sector and the best in the market. These insights can be used to identify areas of improvement.
  • Best in Class Comparison can reveal your current position within your market measured against the best performer. This can highlight areas to focus upon in order to gain ground against your nearest competitors.

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