Building Customer Trust

Resolver can help grow customer trust and increase loyalty through detailed insights and improved processes

We can help you establish and grow customer trust in your brand

Why is customer trust important?

How customers define and measure trust often depends on how they interact with your organisation – especially when things go wrong, and there is a complaint.

Having detailed customer complaint data and comparative insight is essential to building trust, because the more you know your customer and the issues that are affecting them, the more they can be confident that their concerns are your priority too.

That kind of relationship – built on trust – increases loyalty and presents an opportunity to retain the lifetime value of your customers. This is important because the simple truth is that it is far more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep existing ones. By improving customer trust, you are having a dramatic impact upon your company’s performance.

How can we help increase customer trust?

Resolver are uniquely positioned to help grow trust between businesses and their customers. We do this through our ability to provide truthful and actionable insight, ensuring the real issues affecting your customers are understood. These insights can be benchmarked against the competition to highlight your comparative performance.

Our Customer Experience component within Resolver Analytics provides insight into customer CSAT, NPS and ease of complaint, enabling you to gauge your customer’s feelings towards you.

Being aware of potential vulnerabilities among your customers (and taking appropriate steps) is another way of demonstrating customer care, which in turn leads to customer trust. Resolver’s use of machine learning analysis will show you if a customers’ complaint could be aggravated by a vulnerability.

Resolver’s Customer First service includes an industry specific Submission Form & Flow, enabling an easier submission process for both parties, helping to increase the ease and speed of the resolution process.

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