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Business Engagement Director

Mark is Resolver’s Business Engagement Director. He supports the team that drive business benefit from Resolver services

My favourite customer service experience of all time is … One of the most memorable positive experiences has to be from a trip to the US where, having had a load of college kids move into our corridor in the hotel, with an ensuing night of noise and no sleep, the hotel customer services manager offered to move us (expected), upgrade us (hoped for) and credited our incurred expenses of restaurant, bar, hotel shop and spa (completely not expected). So we recommend Beaver Run in Breckenridge whenever asked.

A unique fact about me is I exhibited in a calligraphy show at Imperial College aged 15.

I spend my spare time making old Volkswagens go faster.

I had listened to the founder James talking about this idea he had for 4 years before Resolver became a company in 2012 and a “real thing” in 2014. From that point on it was almost inevitable that I was going to be involved. I have never worked with as motivated a bunch of people, with a truly unique product set and where we can champion better outcomes for everyone.