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Business Engagement Manager

John is Resolver’s Business Engagement Manager. John is on the front line, working with businesses to make sure that their customer’s challenges are both heard and met appropriately.

John’s unique talent is being able to put himself in his customer’s shoes and still say “no”! He explains – “unfortunately, we’re all keen to over-promise, which ends up with an unhappy experience for both the customer and the business. If we’re honest, the answer may not be the one you’re looking for but the outcome will be a better experience.”

I’ve spent 20 plus years working in the IT sector, which has been very kind to me however I personally wanted to do something that made a real difference. Resolver is an exciting challenge and an opportunity to work for a young company that is growing at a staggering rate. From my short time with the business, it is clear that while we grow our business foundations are essential and very important to us all. The culture and the importance of what we do for consumers and customers, which has huge appeal to me and refreshing in business.