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Case Study

Despite being a brand already focused on providing excellent customer service, telecoms company Three knew that they could be doing even more to support their customers. They called in Resolver to help provide them with richer insights, more relevant data and a cohesive complaints service.

“Handling complaints is at the core of our business and the heart of all our objectives,” says Steve Cairns, Senior Manager for Complaints and Policy at Three. Yet the company was struggling with clunky website forms that made analysing customer information almost impossible – and the experience for the customer was poor and frustrating. In addition, Three’s retail outlets were set up to provide only limited customer help and there was little or no insight gathered from customers here.

Enter Resolver.

Within weeks, Three were discovering the benefits of Resolver’s insight-rich reports, with their summaries, analyses and suggestions – and Resolver’s unique ability to identify and eliminate inappropriate issues. ‘Our email complaints reduced by 43%,’ says a delighted Cairns.

‘And we can do so much that we’ve never been able to do before. Now we are able to see everything, right down to touchpoints per complaint type, satisfaction ratings at every step of the journey, average response time and so on,’ he continues. ‘We can benchmark ourselves against competitors and see how we’re performing. No other tool gives us the ability to do that.’

Day-to-day operations have also improved.

‘The system makes things much easier for our teams. Our people love Resolver. The way the complaints are delivered is much easier, it reduces the amount of toing and froing.’

Cairns notes that touchpoints for each complaint have been reduced thanks to Resolver’s ability to capture key information at the first point of contact – and that this in turn has increased customer satisfaction.

‘It’s now so much clearer what both parties are looking for’.

In Three’s stores across the country, retail agents are now able to raise complaints on behalf of the customer – and data from these complaints is now tracked and analysed to provide essential information. Says Cairns, ‘Never before have we been able to analyse retail complaints, and now we can quite easily see over time which retail journeys aren’t working, and can review our systems and policies.’