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Case Study

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) works to build an economy that works for everyone. As BEIS has responsibility for UK Government policy in a number of core sectors of the UK economy, they draw on a wide range of data sources and analytical tools. In areas of consumer and competition policy, BEIS needs to be able to apply in-depth analysis to gain unique market insights and identify key areas of concern.

Enter Resolver.

Resolver are perfectly positioned to deliver the insights they need – and give them a view of market- and firm-level data that no one else can. With Resolver’s expert understanding of complaints and vast dataset, BEIS will be able to analyse the performance of specific industries, search for keywords within complaints, filter complaints according to demographic, and – uniquely – perform benchmarking between companies.

Crucially, Resolver will allow BEIS to measure the performance of companies against key metrics such as CES, NPS and CSAT – and demonstrate how they’re doing when compared to others.